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Learning, Teaching and Assessment of Second Foreign Languages – an Alignment Study on Oral Language Proficiency in the Swedish School Context

The purpose of this project is examine interactions and alignment between learning, teaching and assessment of second foreign languages (SFL) in order to gain a better understanding of conditions and learning outcomes in foreign languages other than English in the Swedish school context. The focus is on Spanish, French and German in the 9th grade of secondary school and on an essential but under-researched aspect of SFL competence, namely oral language proficiency (OLP).

The project is motivated by the fact that SFLs are currently in a challenging situation in the Swedish school context. One third of pupils abandon the subject within the first three years of studying. SFLs are therefore at the centre of a political debate focusing on its future status in school. A major drawback in this debate is, however, the lack of empirical underpinnings. We know very little about current learning conditions and outcomes, which has been pointed out by the 2014 survey report commissioned by the Committee for Educational Sciences (Ämnesöversikt 2014: Utbildningsvetenskap). The authors of this report call for educational research in many school subjects, but especially for research into the teaching and learning of FLs other than English, where classroom oriented research and research on younger language learners are mainly lacking (p.14). The project is framed within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (Council of Europe, 2001).


Jonas Granfeldt, Lund University, PI

Camilla Bardel, Stockholm University

Gudrun Erickson, University of Gothenburg

Susan Sayehli, Stockholm university

Malin Ågren, Lund University

Rakel Österberg, Stockholm university